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Pastel and Stone

Goddess Daydream with Crystal base

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How adorable is this Petite Goddess Daydreamer with the added benefits of these stunning Crystals. Use this beauty for small dried flower arrangements, a decorative peice or as a stylish alternative for bathroom or jewellery storage.

Yellow Aventurine - "stone of self wealth" Focus and Confidence 

Black Tourmaline - "clearing Stone" helps connect to the Earth and protect 

Rose Quartz - "love Stone' Unconditional love, Emotional healing, Compassion

Amethyst - "Peace Stone"  Intuition, balance, higher wisdom

All of our items are hand poured and finished by hand which makes every piece one of a kind. Products are poured in batches therefore colour may differ slightly. Every care is taken to produce the best quality in each and every product. Due to the nature of the materials we use, some small imperfections like bubbles may be visible but doesn't effect the product in any way.

The products are sealed making them water resistant, though your items can still absorb liquids and waxes which may cause spots and marks. We cannot accept returns or refund you for that reason.

The colour of your item will not be exactly as pictured. This is due to a number of factors such as lighting, each piece is made to order so colour is mixed individually making the colour each time a piece is created so is near impossible to create the exact colour each time, it is for this reason that it will be referred to as a tone.

Dimensions - 10cm x 10cm

Care instructions

We recommend cleaning the surface with a damp cloth and pat dry. Please avoid using any harsh chemicals or cleaners as this may break down the water repelling sealer and cause permanent marks. Clean up any spills immediately. Handle with care as the product may chip or break under force. Not dishwasher or food saf